Tourist for the Weekend ::: Central Park

Central Park was gloomy but beautiful on a cool clowdy morning.

My family was in town so we toured all the obligatory attractions.  It's kind of nice when people come in town and it forces you to see your city like new again.

My littlest sister, Eleanor, was very into perfecting her Camera skills.

Thank you, Ellie.

A much better angle...

Oh how deep it is to be thirteen.  This personifies their personalities quite well right now.

Sisters... taking it all in.

I was so obsessed with the carnival going on!  But I prefer to obsess from afar when it comes to carnivals...

After we had our share of Central Park we walked over to Lincoln Center.

My middle/little sister, Abbie, is a phenomenal dancer.  I have a feeling this will not be her last time at the New York City Ballet.  (I made her pose like that, she was embarrassed,  I loved it)


Whatchu lookin at!?

Mister Softee is my absolute fave.

Ice Cream cheers

My little man Will kicking up his feet after a long day of walking!

The beautiful view from their hotel room at Fifty NYC

And of course, they brought a selfie stick...



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