Tourist for the Weekend ::: A Ferry Tale

The day sky was gloomy but we weren't going to let that slow us down!  The fam and I took a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  An activity I've done roughly half a dozen times now but I'll do just about anything, many times with these kids.  They're pretty great.

There she goes, tall and proud.  I remember once I was wandering around Paris and I saw a mini Statue of Liberty and I was very confused.  This isn't America!  They stole our lady!  Little did I know they had it first and actually gifted one to us.


Stole my jacket...

The city always reminds me of legos on a cloudy day.  Is this just me?

The dormitory looking buildings where they kept the waiting immigrants.

The official sign-in room.

Steve was able to look up his great grandparents and you can pull up the actual piece of paper they signed, pretty cool. 

By the time we left it was a clear day!

Lovin' that city.

My boys.

They get so embarrassed when I make them take pictures, it's so enjoyable.

Thank you New York!



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