Tourist for the Weekend ::: Little Italy and Chinatown

It was not because of my two Chinese sisters that my family and I had Chinatown on the top of our list... 

.... it was because of the incredible soup dumplings at Shanghai Deluxe.  The best in the biz.

The atmosphere is crazy (they once picked up our table of two and moved us mid bite), the wait can be long and they only accept cash, but I promise, it's worth it.

While in the neighborhood we hopped a block over to Little Italy.

For what else but more food!



More gelato! Oh my!

There's this huge Christmas superstore all year round on Mulberry Street.

The kids really enjoyed it.  I did too :)

We shared a box of half a dozen canolis... could have done more!

Happy kid.

Some cool images for sale on Mulberry.

You can stay and eat inside of Ferrara's but just a word of advice, it's twice as much to stay as it is to take it go.  So when it's a beautiful summer day, you know what to do.



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