My Manifesto to Me

I have this thing about energy.  I'm a true believer that if you put out good vibes, not only will everyone around you feel happier, but you will too.  This isn't some hippy dippy shit, I'm speaking simply; Work hard, look out for others and seek solutions positively without putting down the smaller guy or the one next to you.

I have no doubt I will be a leader someday.  So much so that when someone treats me unjustly I find solace in the thought, "When I'm in charge, you'll regret it."  I dream of the day these Negative Nancy's come into my territory and I have the power to say "Remember me? We don't do that here." Maybe I'm the only one, but whatever makes you feel better, right?

I read this Humans of New York piece the other day and it reminded me that you really don't know the next guy's struggle.  And that includes the mean guys.  Maybe they're just having a really bad day.  Maybe they got it from the guy above them and they turned around and gave it to you.  Maybe their life just really really sucks.

My life doesn't suck.  I can take it, if yelling at me is really going to make you feel better.  But I don't believe it does.  I don't believe you walk away from treating someone badly and feel relief.  Maybe for a minute, a split second, but surrounding yourself with that kind of negativity -- ain't nobody got time for that.

To my future self: when you are the head honcho, be nice to the little guys.  Keep the good vibes flowing.  And always remember, you don't know the next guy's struggle.



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