Somewhere Over the Weekend ::: Fourth of July

Three day weekends, mean four day work weeks and that alone is something to celebrate.

My weekend started with a batch of fresh blooms from one of my favorite florists Sprout Home in Williamsburg.

The boy went with a violet hue. Great choice :)

Thursday night was spent having drinks and some of the best tasting tacos I've had in awhile at DONNA and an early night with a movie on Netflix.

Allie and I took a rode trip to New Jersey on Friday to spend the day lounging by the pool, and BBQing.

A little Tina + a rum and mango slush. 

I swear all I need is a body of water, some sun and I am one happy girl.

Allie looking fly in her new suit.

After a quick shower and some ice coffee to warn off the sun induced lethargy, we drove to the coast to catch some good ol' fashion, down-the-shore, fireworks.  


Little did we know, that we would also find ourselves in the middle of a Fireman's Fair.

We walked around the fair grounds, dodging families and strollers and found ourselves amongst the food vendors.

Lobster Rolls it was!

We continued to the marina for the fireworks display...

....and by George Washington did we get a good seat.



And Blue!

It was so nice to get out of the city, and have some classic suburban summer fun.

Cars, and trees, and pools. It's the American dream <3

However, our hearts still beat for the city life, so we woke up early Fourth of July morning and drove back into the city to meet friends for a classic night of Brooklyn mischief. The best part about living in the city is that friends make guest appearances spontaneously through the night, making for fun reunions and great dynamics.

Clearly we were having too good of a time to snap pictures. 

Hope everyone had a happy holiday weekend! 

- Stephanie


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