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Getting out of the city from time to time for some nature and R&R is important, especially when temperatures get above 90 degrees.

That's why I was especially thankful for this weekend's getaway to the lake.

A group of about twelve friends and one pup shacked up in a cabin for the weekend with drinking, eating and relaxing being the only thing on our agenda.

This is Nate, our trusty camp dog.

Although not all the floaties we ordered arrived on time, this sting-ray and dolphin were great companions on the water.

Lake house details.


The day started out a little cloudy but the sun eventually made it's debut through the clouds.

Nate continuously drank water while swimming (and walking around where he could reach the floor) throughout the water. From far away he looked like a sea monster. It was pretty hilarious.

Suit (Victoria Secret), Cover-up (Flea market in Portugal), Sunnies (Quay)

Brown-eyed boy.

The day was drawn out by rides in the kayaks, jumping off the island, sipping on watermelon margaritas and tequila sunrises and munching on picnic sandwiches.

There was no concept of time as the phones were left safe in the house, and we were given a taste of that endless summer feeling.


After soaking in the sun and dipping around the lake for a few hours, we were starving. 

So sum good ol' burgers, salad & fresh corn were on the menu for dinner!

The sweetest corn from the market down the road.

It's the little things that make lake life so special.

The entire food spread. 

Nom nom nom.

Cabin at dusk.

Of course we had to top dinner with a dessert of fire made s'mores :)

(as if you didn't know hehe)

Graham Crackers...


...& Mellows...

...burn mellow over fire and sandwich the chocolate and mellow between the graham crackers....

 ...and enjoy!

Dessert was then topped off with some sparklers.

Our eyes all started going heavy around midnight, and we were in bed before one.


The next morning was 91 degrees and the heat in the air woke us up at 9:30 am to hit the water.

But not before a cup of joe on the dock.

I wish I could wake up this enthusiastic and zen on a work day.


So glad I was able to snag these Quay sunnies online after being sold out almost everywhere!

The stingray became one of my best friends.

We hung out by the water until about 3pm and then began our clean-up before the journey home.

What a great weekend at the lake with a great group of friends. 

Love making summer memories.



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