Monday, August 31, 2015


A few weekends back Steph came over before brunch and we had some good times making braids and exchanging clothes like little girls

I love how highlights look in braids!

I did two braids straight back on either side of her head for a faux-hawk feel. 

I then pinned the center hair together at the back and pulled it forward for a little volume.

Lookin' mighty fly with a new do on my favorite piece of furniture.  Which will follow me everywhere, even if I have to carry it on my back.

Selfie-worthy :)


Friday, August 28, 2015

Work Week Wardrobe

Apparently this week I could not get enough of my converse.  It's funny how you subconsciously towards one item.  I think this was because I wore heels for a long day on Saturday and I needed the relief.  It's so nice to just say that word... Saturday.  How lovely that tomorrow is just that!

Monday : Shoes (Madewell), Jeans (Madewell), Tee (I got it from my momma)
Tuesday : Shoes (Converse), Jeans (Loft), Top (Madewell)
Wednesday : Shoes (Converse), Skirt (Vintage), Top (J. Crew)
Thursday : Shoes (Converse), Skirt (J.Crew (It matches the top!)), Tee (J.Crew)
Friday: Shoes (Aldo), Skort (J. Crew), Top (HM)

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How'd You Get So Fun, Kate Spade?

So many cute a quirky gift ideas in a range of prices.  I love nothing more than a fun (and quality)gift.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Over the Weekend ::: Chelsea

Over the weekend, on the way back from visiting family in Long Island, we decided to get off the train at 16th street and grab lunch in Chelsea. 

We stumbled upon this 24 hour Latin-American Diner, Coppelia, which had every version of latin food under the sun and a 4-7pm happy hour with $7 cocktails. We arrived around 4:30, coincidently perfect timing.

#Sunday #Bunday

The Piscolada is a must have. 

Pisco 100, Coconut Rum, Pineapple Juice, Thyme and Lime Juice. YUM! 

After lunch we agreed to walk to the highline, and on the way we passed by a Mr. Brainwash pop-up gallery so we hopped on in.

If you don't know who Mr. Brainwash is, watch Exit Through the Giftshop on Netflix. 

The film, directed by Banksy, tell the story of a Thierry Guetta, a french shop keeper and amateur film maker who gets the camera turned on him after befriending Banksy with the intention of filming the artist himself.

The images speak for themselves.

And when art imitates real life. 

Love is the answer

We caught this beautiful sunset over the Hudson on w13th street before heading to The Standard for a drink in the Beer Garden.

Celebrated 3 years with this guy this past week.

Pink roses for the occasion :)

And I came home to this beautiful new camera strap from Love Birds LA.

How cute is that tassel?!

A shot of my messy room, because it's my last week in my apartment.