Night of Joy

We had a very active week last week.  But of all the nights, Thursday was definitely the most fun.

We made our way to Night of Joy in Williamsburg for some celebratory drinks.

It seemed a lot of people had reason to cheers (engagements, promotions, new homes) and we're not the type to shy away from a good reason to party.

Lady looking lovely in:

 Bag (Balenciaga), Dress (Zara), Boots (Sam Edelman on sale!), Sunnies (Ray Ban)


Backpack (Deux Lux), Jumper (Zara), Shoes (The Kooples)

Mirror, mirror spontaneously on the street wall!

These gimlet cocktails are the fairest of them all.

We were some of the first to show, with friends flowing in one by one.

These shoes make me feel like a P.I.M.P.

Sip, sip.

Once the humidity settled down, we headed upstairs to enjoy the great rooftop! 

A night of joy indeed.


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