Work Week Wardrobe

Apparently this week I could not get enough of my converse.  It's funny how you subconsciously towards one item.  I think this was because I wore heels for a long day on Saturday and I needed the relief.  It's so nice to just say that word... Saturday.  How lovely that tomorrow is just that!

Monday : Shoes (Madewell), Jeans (Madewell), Tee (I got it from my momma)
Tuesday : Shoes (Converse), Jeans (Loft), Top (Madewell)
Wednesday : Shoes (Converse), Skirt (Vintage), Top (J. Crew)
Thursday : Shoes (Converse), Skirt (J.Crew (It matches the top!)), Tee (J.Crew)
Friday: Shoes (Aldo), Skort (J. Crew), Top (HM)

Have a great weekend!



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