Brunch at The Wythe Hotel

Over the weekend Steph and I ventured over to The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg to check out the brunch at their restaurant, Reynard.

Upon entering the hotel the beauty is overwhelming.  While the architecture and design are beautiful, I'm really talking about the people.

The lobby is filled with the kinds of people you assume are famous, the outfits you wish you could pull off and luxurious you never even knew you needed (looking at you neon windbreaker).

The inside of the restaurant did not disappoint.  With a new menu daily that was artfully explained to us by our very attentive waiter, it was nearly impossible to decide.  One thing we were sure of: cocktails.

The only thing to do when everything on the menu is to die for is share.  At least we then get to try two things instead of one (we seriously considered getting three).

These poached eggs atop seared vegetables, grilled corn, all on a bed of creme fresh were unreal.  I wish I could make a poached egg.

This homemade brick over breakfast pizza was filled with gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and pancetta topped with a fried egg and called breakfast.  That crush was... I'm salivating. 

Geometric tile that filled the restaurant and Stephies new kicks. 

The day has just begun!  We putz around Williamsburg for a while.

Stephanie wears a dress from Zara, chambray from Madewell& knicks from Nike.

My denim romper is old from Anthropologie, Kate Spade Bucket bag...

...and more oldies with these Sam Edelman Shoes.  Which I fear I will soon have to say goodbye to.  BUT!  They still make them!  I do like the worn look of suede, can't have it all.

There is this unbelievable garden center off the water in Williamsburg.

We could not help but wonder who the heck can afford to buy a tree/afford to have a space that fits a tree in New York City?  We should have stuck around the find out.

Why hello there Manhattan, long time no see.

Followed up our walk with a trip to the Honkey Tonk.

Skinny Dennis has great (and free) live music often.  But we were kind of happy they didn't so then we could snag a seat.  Steph had the whiskey, mint sweet tea and I had a frozen coffee with whiskey.

I've been very into braids lately, as you can see from what I did to Steph here.

Scary board head falling down from the ceiling.

Fun day, fun weekend, fun life.  Till next weekend...



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