Going to the Chapel and We're....

...gonna get married.
To start off the Holiday weekend, my cousin (and the closest thing to a brother I've ever had) went to the chapel at the Office of the City Clerk, and got married!

He's also the oldest and first of the five cousins to get married and it's a joyful reminder that our family life-journey rollercoaster, if you will, has just begun.

Secrets out! They're Mr. and Mrs. <3

This was my first experience witnessing a marriage in City Hall.

What a vibrant and exciting place with all different types of brides and grooms with their friends and family parading the place. 

Couples were wearing everything from gowns, to matching customs and I even saw a few couples in jeans and a t-shirt with a bouquet of flowers.

After about an hour of waiting for their name to be called, we finally got to witness the big event.

The I do's.

We now have another Gonçalves girl in the family! 

Welcome Andrea!

Just married.

The bride ordered jumbo balloons for group photos and we ended up doing a really fun shoot in City Hall Park.

The groom with his girls.

+ his new girl!

The reception to follow was held at St. Mazie on Grand St in Williamsburg.

We had a pre-fixed dinner in the back patio.

The vibe in the backyard is vintage and rustic.

Wild flowers decorated the copper and wood tables.

Grape vines and lights draped the trellis above...

...and candles flooded the space.

As a wedding day gift my cousins got their brother a cake for the celebration.

They were really pleasantly surprised! 

Sweet. Sweet.


Although, they are planning a bigger wedding in Mexico for next Summer (which I also can't wait for). This was my first city hall wedding, and what a wonderful, exciting yet quaint day it was.

I couldn't be happier for the newlyweds! VIVAN LOS NOVIOS!!!



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