Home for Labor Day

I go home as often as I can.  But with a serious workload and no time off it's never as often as I'd like.  Because of that, when I go home I'm scrambling to fit in everyone I want to see, everywhere I want to go and everything I want to eat!  It's exhausting but well worth it.  

Tea time anyone?  

We had cappuccinos and Iced Tea at Coralie to escape from the heat.  Wandering around Evanston is one of my favorite past times.  I grew up very close to here.

Such a cute little french cafe.

My brother and his wife just moved to a lovely new condo in Logan Square.  It was booming with fresh markets filled with treats.

We stopped for brats and beers at a local block party.  That bread was to die for.

My littlest of sisters dropping a coin into the fountain and making a wish at a local favorite Mexican joint.

Wait, where did it go?

Wait... let me get that back.  I want to wish again.

She really did pull out a bunch of coins and bring them back to my mom with pride.  It was hilarious.  Little did she know that's not exactly how this works.  Personally, I prefer to watch her learn than correct her mistakes ;) 



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