Life Lately

Delicious Venezuelan street food served on a skateboard at Over the Eight on Union Ave!

That's street style.

 A visit to the Baccart Hotel. A must stop, even just to have a look around.

A view of the Washington Arch from a friend's roof in The Village.

My nails matching my handmade beaded bracelet from Mexico, which I've thrown on every summer since 2004.

She's one interesting lady.

Denim on denim. 

Tiki Bar Sundays!

The William Vale. A impressive hotel going up in North Williamsburg.

The Washington Arch up close and personal.

Bon Jour coffee break.

Need the La Colombe special at least once a week (ice coffee with a shot of espresso).

Wednesday visit to The Plaza New York.

A trip to visit my sister on the other side of the Hudson.

Cute knitted street art I caught on a walk through Bushwick.


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