Marlow and Family

On Sunday we decided to grab some of our favorite biscuit breakfast sandwiches at Marlow & Sons.

A definite stop in South Williamsburg. I saw Marisa Tomei there, so it's gotta be good.

They switch up their menu seasonally and every time we've gone there it's been amazing. 

However, their Breakfast and All Day menu usually remains the same and delicious.

For good times sake we ordered their Egg, Ham & Cheese Biscuit.

With a Vanilla Malted Latte. 


The perfect breakfast bite.

Killed it. Well, almost.

Scarf I picked up at Beacon's Closet.

The lunch menu of the day.

The front of Marlow & Sons is a general store, where you can order coffee to go or purchase an item from their curated pantry.

Vintage Coach bags included.

A blue wall down the street.

Wearing: Tee (Truly Madly Deeply), Jeans (One Teaspoon)

Also down the street lies Marlow & Daughters, a country market, owned by the same people with locally sourced meat, cheese and produce.

Lost Time by Stephen Paul.

Broadway and Bedford, Brooklyn.



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