RoSal's on Taylor Street

My family has been going to RoSal's on Taylor street in Chicago for years.  Some of the best Italian food out there and a great reason to get together and celebrate.  It was recently my brothers 30th and I was in town for the weekend, what more reason do we need?

My little sister oozing all kinds of Annie Hall.

My adorable little sisters.

... and brothers...

... and more sisters!

Yumm, a little antipasto to start us off.

My mom always gets the tortellini with half cream and half tomato sauce.  Everything here is made to order, including the pasta.  Needless to say, it's devine.

Erika is shocked by her lasagna portion.

My piping hot chicken marsala.

And veal chops.  Is it weird that it's not even ten AM and now I want veal?

Happy Birthday big bro!


The whole gang.  See you soon, I hope!



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