Strange Magic

On one of the last Sundays of the Summer, we made our way to my favorite cocktail bar Donna.

Summer forever!!!

I love everything about this place.

The logo, the drinks, the atmosphere, the decor and now they are serving tacos!!! Could it get any better?

Door details.

My favorite cocktail on the menu is called Strange Magic.

Hints of pineapple, cinnamon and something you can't exactly put your finger on is what makes this drink so good.

And after two you definitely start feeling the magic.

We also ordered tacos, which are just as delicious as the drinks, but I was too hungry at the time to snap a pic! I hate when I forget to do that!

Taco love!

After Donna, we walked down to the s8th street pier to catch the sunset.

I found these flowers on our walk down.

And donated them to the river. Looks like a water color painting.

A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content :)

I'll miss the Summer in Brooklyn, but can't wait for the fall when sweaters and hot drinks can be fashioned again!



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