Will Wait For Pancakes

On our first morning home in Chicago we headed to the very famous Walker Brothers for pancakes with my cousins.

The line always looks super long (it wraps around the building) but not only is it worth it, it's not all that time consuming.  Besides, we had lots to catch up on.

Ta-da!  Chocolate-chip-banana pancakes. Yum.

I love the dark wood and stained glass feel adorning every inch of the place.

Santa Fe hash browns.  Potatoes, pepper jack cheese and pico de gallo.

Crunch french toast!  Thick pieces of toast dipped in corn flakes and fried.  Out of this world

We stopped by my aunts afterwards (one of eight) while she was preparing for a baby shower.  My little brother will being oh so helpful with the power washer ;)

My cousins Jessica has the absolute cutest little boy.  Seriously though, look at that face!  A little shrine of him to follow:

His beautiful blue eyes.  I hope he remembers who I am next time I'm home.

He just loves my little sister Abbie so much.

... but she also has a donut!  Aha, she coerced him.

Cam and his gaggle of women, quite the norm for this little guy.



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