A Year of Ladies ::: Allie's Favorite Moments

We had a great weekend,  kicking it off with a lady date to celebrate one year of Ladies on Duty.  Pictures to come.  My favorite memories from our year below:

A beautiful birthday brunch.

I love to bring the party in the form of a Milk Bar Cake.

Coffee and one of our first trials with a camera.

Christmas cookies and vino.

Beautiful SoCal during the holidays.

The best damn burger I've ever had at Father's Office in California.

Newport Beach juxtaposition.

A big ol' snowstorm.

Last season's football spread.  These nachos have remained a favorite.

Lady date.

My aesthetic in a cookie.

Cousin comes to town.

February on the Jersey Shore.

Had so much fun throwing this baby shower at home in Chicago.

We're all about the lady dates.

Nashville Marathon.

So much amazing music on Broadway in Nashville.

Hattie B's!  I'll never forget you.

A day on the Upper West Side, stopping for Shake Shack.

My little ladies came to town.


Chinatown soup dumplings at 100 Mott.

Bushwick street art.

Sisters at the Central Park Carnival.

Meeker Ave.

Home with my little man Cam.

Brotherly love.


Wells are for wishing.

Brunch at the Wythe.

Dallas BBQ

Our apartments new exterior.


Partners for lyfe.



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