I have an ongoing list of places in Brooklyn that I need (need, not want) to try for brunch, and Meadowsweet has been at the top for quiet awhile.

We tried going a few weeks back, but the wait was too long to justify waiting. 

In Brooklyn being turned away by a brunch spot, is almost as bad as being rejected by someone at the bar the night before. 

Why not me? Was it something I did? I guess the timing just isn't right.

When we arrived for our second chance, we were not only seated right away, but got to sit on their front patio! Homerun!!!

I think he likes me...Meadowsweet that is. 
I swear he likes me too.

Giving my lady a moment as she matches the ambiance. 

Allie recently stated, "I don't consider it brunch if you don't get cocktails, I call that breakfast" - and my gawd is she right!? hahaha.

 So, I ordered a coconut cocktail.

We started our brunch like any fool who looks at the menu would, ordering some cinnamon doughnuts.

Sunnies by Quay.

I got persuaded by the eggplant parmesan sandwich...

...and he ordered the duck pastrami hash with poached eggs.

Both meals were absolutely-yum and nom after every bite - fantastic!  

A definite spot to add to your brunch list if it is not!



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