The Farm on Kent

As I've mentioned here before, South Williamsburg has gone on a growth spurt of development the last two years. Especially with the official close of the Domino Factory and breaking ground on the new high-rise condo buildings; Restaurants, Bars and Coffee shops are popping up on every corner with the expansion of real estate and the population.

However, one amazing and clever thing that's come out of all of this, in addition to the amazing food, is that the developers are leasing out unused land for public green spaces. 

North Brooklyn Farms has taken over S4 and Kent with flower and produce gardens that are open for the public to purchase, or can be delivered locally by way of the Magic Box

All of this awesomeness and more, because you get to enjoy a big open space right at the water's edge with views of The Empire State Building, The Williamsburg Bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Freedom Tour and if you look in just the right spot you can see Lady Liberty in the distance.

I love the contrast of the green against the industrial city.

North Brooklyn Farms has leased the space for three years, which is how long it will take for that phase in development to begin.

So smart to lease it out instead of let it sit unused for three years. 

Bravo to whoever thought of that idea!

Sunflowers <3

The design details at The Farm on Kent, is really what attracts makes the spot so special.

We had found the space spontaneously after dropping of laundry.
 We decided to go for a walk around the block until the clothes was ready to switch to the dryer. There is already an awesome inlet on Grand and Kent street and  I commented how great it would be if we had a view of the water close by for situations like this. 

Low and behold we walked to Kent and my wish was granted.

These Tibetan light pants are great to just throw on when the weather is warm.

Lounging before sunset.

These nests make up the perfect seating to lounge by yourself or surrounded by friends.

Feeing like Stephie in Wonderland. 

Dusk. My favorite time of day.

Wearing: Sunnies (Ray Ban), Tee (Truly, Madly Deeply), Jean Jacket (GAP), Pants (Tibetan)

Another really cool feature takes place under those white tents.

Every Sunday, tickets are sold and a local chef hosts a dinner and serves a curated menu using produce from the farm. 

The teal shipping container in the background holds a full kitchen.

Behind the wooden fence, is an off-road biking track, which can also be used by the public. You will see kids and adults alike zipping around the track and catching air on the jumps.

Sucha sucker for oversized garden lights.

Do you see Lady Liberty in the orange background??

What an awesome place in South Williamsburg.

Everyone should make a visit while the weather is still nice. If not, luck for us, it will be here for the next three years.



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