The Great Jack O'lantern Blaze

Although it was a bit late, on Sunday we kicked off Halloween by making a trip to Van Cortlandt Manor to explore The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze.

Our tickets were for 9pm, so after an early dinner in Brooklyn we took the metro-north to the Hudson Valley.

The entire Manor was decorated with carved pumpkins in different themes and exhibitions. It really is more amazing in person than in pictures.

A beehive with swarming bees welcomed us into The Blaze.

 Pumpkin caterpillars scattered the garden grounds.

The Manor lined with traditional Jack O"Lanterns.

Skeletons stood guard around the house.

The changing color was mesmerizing we stood in front of the house for a few minutes.

Pumpkin Totem Poll

Jurassic Park or pumpkin Dinosaurs?

Brachiosaurus - hands down my favorite dino.

A pumpkin depiction of the underworld. 

...with changing costumes. 

The Kardashians....just kidding obvi three witches.

The never-ending Sleepy Hollow.

It's time to get Spoooooky.

It was difficult to get a good selfie with all of the lights.

Our best shot.

This pumpkin starry night tunnel was probably my favorite exhibit. 


ahhhhh Magical.

A few more photos because it's so freaking cool.


The circus.

This display is a want for my apartment.

Not too sure what this is but I like it.

Mrs. Frankenstien 

The Blaze is definitely one of the most amazing Halloween activities around NYC. 

It took us about a 55 minutes via train ride to get up to Hudson Valley and the entire grounds took us about an hour to walk around. If it wasn't for the crowd I would have gone through twice. 

Allie and I are hoping to get a few other Halloween posts up this week before the holiday. We're planning on spending it at a friend's party and per usual pulling together a costume last minute.

Happy Halloween 



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