This is the story about how Allie and I finally purchased our very own Mansur Gavriels:

Late Monday morning October 19th, I signed on to our LadiesOnDuty Instagram, and noticed the famous post that comes up ever so often when Mansur Gavriel restocks. 


For about a year and a half, I've seen that Instagram post go up every three months or so and every time I begin to browse on the site and consider making the investment they have sold out within three minutes. Literally 180 seconds - 3 minutes and every single bucket bag had been spoken for.

As it was late, I figured I would let Allie know in the morning and we could discuss our plan of action.

Tuesday morning at work:

I sign onto Gchat and see Allie's username on the left side chat box.

Alexandra: Morning Pal
Stephanie: OMG Mansur's go on sale today at 11am. 
S: Yeah I saw it last night before I went to bed.
A: Okay - are we doing it?
S: We're doing it!

We had about an hour and a half to discuss style, color and size before it reached about 10:55am.

S: Okay dude, see you on the other side. I'm watching the clock for when it turns 11am.
A: Good luck!

At 11am on the dot, I signed into the Mansur site (which wasn't live before 11am) to start the hunt.

Like an obstacle course at the Olympic games, I zipped through to site for the prize:

 Shop Collection  - Mini Bucket Bags- Black - Ballerina interior color and  - CHECK OUT!

As if I was preparing myself to jump out of an airplane (which I've done and the adrenaline rush was seriously comparable) I typed in my information shaking and clicked "Place Order".

I awaited anxiously for the completed purchase notification since I had seen comments on Instagram of customer's complaining their order was processed and not going through as complete at the very last minute. 

As my page loaded I saw the most beautiful words: Thank you for your purchase.

Sweet, sweet victory. 

S: I did it!
A: Me too!!!
S: Oh my god, I'm so excited I'm shaking.

It was then that Allie realized the Saturday after the Tuesday of Mansur, as I will forever call it, was our one year blog anniversary. I mean is that not a funny coincidence? 

Let's just say it was meant to be <3

Allie got hers in the most amazing hue of forest green. It was so hard to choose they're all sooo gorgeous. 

I decided to save opening my until my birthday, which Allie thought was crazy but I did it and this past Monday 11/16 I opened up the box and I cannot be more excited to start styling it!

Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel really did it right producing quality leather goods in small quantities to ensure the brand's reputation. 

Everything from the packaging to the quality of the product is everything we hoped for and more!

Welcome home beautiful!

- Stephanie


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