Miami ::: Birthdays

I woke up on my 26th birthday to an overcast sky, which was a bit disappointing but I had scheduled a massage for that morning so the timing actually worked out perfectly.

I'm the type of person who can spend all day on the beach until sunset, so not having sun fomo while getting massaged actually helped me be more relaxed.

Afterwards we walked down Lincoln Mall Road to grab breakfast.

This was definitely the best almond croissant I've ever had in all my life. It was crunchy but then almost literally melted in your mouth. yummmmm.

We went home to shower and change before heading to Wynwood to spend the afternoon walking around the galleries and graffiti filled streets.

Wynwood is such a unique neighborhood and a spot that most people who come to visit Miami know little about.

Wynwood Art District has risen as a young art community when developers rehabilitated then neglected warehouses and turned them into galleries, performance spaces, restaurants, bars and curated shops. This is where local artists go to work and locals go to hang out.

These are just some of the street art we passed in the neighborhood when walking towards the Wynwood Walls.

The Wynwood Walls is a enclosed outdoor art space dedicated to display the artwork of exclusive street artists.

This colorful and geometric wall was done by Maya Hayuk. Who weaves visual information from her immediate surroundings - explains the bright colors.

The wall usually lasts for a few months before another artist is commissioned to display their work there.

The wall to the right was done by Retna in homage of people who have passed away. He wrote "sacred dance of memories" and "salva los espiritus santos" (save the holy spirits) in the two rows of letters that we see.

Ryan McGinness celebrates the female form in his mural 33 Women.

I guess I make 34 ;)

Swoon's Dawn and Gemma

Twins brother HOW & NOSM play with the idea of homing pigeons in abstract forms.

Also featured in The Standard Highline Le Bain, the Japanese- Brooklyn Based artist Aiko who invited all of her closest girlfriends from LA and NYC to help her paint the wall.

Gir Power!

That super cool tribal looking necklace was a gift from the boy for my birthday.
Good job!

I won't apologize for all the photos of the street art, because they're just that cool.

From Mexico City, Saner and Sego's Tejedores de Sueños.

Love that this Juice Bar is called "Juicy" with the lyrics It was all a dream displayed above the counter.

Seriously the cool factor doesn't stop.

Not until recently did developers start building residential lofts in the area - who wouldn't want to walk outside their door and live here?

I would love to live in a house with these black and white stripes on the façade.

This ice cream truck fit the scene so well, but I swear it just drove by at the exact right time to make for an awesome photo.

These little sayings were scattered along the streets.

Every nook and cranny has really interesting art to admire, it really is such a special neighborhood.

Hello there ;)

Seriously, the cool factor doesn't stop!

A little deco inspo.

The sunset that night was incredible, even with the cloudy day.

An outdoor/ indoor shopping center. Painted floor to ceiling in this black and white pattern.

The backyard of The Wynwood Diner.

Love those lanterns!

This flower shop, Plant the Future was incredibly cool.

Palmoa Teppa makes incredible almost sculpture like features by preserving moss and spray-painting it green.

This would make such a cool selfie wall at home.

Also couldn't get enough of these little terrariums.

And who isn't a sucker for succulents?

I really wanted to take one of these little guys home, but unfortunately they don't ship their products because of the fear of them being coming apart during travel. 

Street-art. Literally.

Birthday outfit I picked up on Asos.

Little stars on a romper with bell sleeves!

For dinner we went to this amazing Middle Eastern restaurant Byblos for my birthday dinner back in Miami proper.

We ordered Lamb Ribs, Fluke and Black Truffle bread.

Followed by Bakalva Ice Cream sandwiches for dessert.

Make a wish!

More actually street art on the streets of Wynwood.

Our final stop was at the Illestva store for a little birthday gift and Miami souvenir to myself.

I got the Leonard Pink Sparkle framed sunnies with silver lenses which I am obsessed with!

Best birthday ever! Mean it! :)

It was so awesome to spend my birthday doing my favorite thing - traveling. This was the first time I went away for my birthday however I can't promise it will be the last :)



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