To A Successful Halloween Week!

Last week we had a ladies night filled with delicious pumpkin beer, sushi and carving pumpkins.

How cute is the packaging on that Pumple Drumkin?

The goods,

We fancied up our beers with a sugar rim.  Lining the rim with honey, then brown sugar, delightful.

Sushi for four!


Let the festivities begin.

It was quite a tactile experience getting all this goop out of here.  My garbage was seriously 100 pounds after.

Hard at work.

Steph's little cutie.

Gabbs' toothy man.

Brit's kitty cat.

I went for the big ol' guy and made him an emoji.


Wrapped up the night with the Amy Schumer Apollo special, which I could watch again and again. 

 Amy, if you're out there, I love you.



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