Weight of the World

Waking up with the weight of the world this weekend was almost too much to bear.  People are under attack all over the world.  And as unfortunate as it is that we are all up in arms about Paris when many other attacks have come before it, up in arms we are.  Whether you pray for Paris, pray for Kenya, pray for Beirut, pray for our world, it needs a whole lot.  It sucks to feel hopeless, but all we can do is make small differences everyday.  If you feel obliged to do something, I suggest you donate.  Donate to anything.  But if you don't know where, try this wonderful cause that's very dear to my family.

My family and I are heading to Vietnam this holiday season in replacement of our normal presents and parties.  Every dime donated goes straight toward the health of an orphan.  If you can, donate just a little.  I promise you it's worth it.

Sending love to the world.



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