Thursday, December 31, 2015

Home for the Holidays

Going home for the Holidays and spending time with family is what I look forward to every year.

We usually spend Christmas Eve at my aunts house where she cooks more food then we can ever eat and gin and tonics were on the bar menu.

Growing up, my dad and his brother always took albums worth of pictures of us kids, and as we've gotten older the gene has been passed down.

We prefer the candid shots.

My sweet baby cousin Jaelyn.

Cookies by the dozen!

Days before Christmas my aunt also has my cousins baking all different types of cookies - non are store bought all are delicious!

I couldn't stop eating the pecan ones.

Guests entered and left through this door all of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

It is Venezuelan tradition to open gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve, so we usually start opening at around 12:30am and not finish till about 2am.

Followed by more drink, coffee and dessert so we really don't end up going to bed until 4-5am.

We started a Secret Santa tradition about three years ago and this year it was fun seeing what people got the new members of the family - My cousins' wife Andrea and my sister's fiancee David.

My sister got Andrea her favorite sushi in pillow form, which she held onto and didn't put down the rest of the night.

 My cousin Briana got David a dry-fit Portugal shirt, which when we opened the room erupted in a "PORTUGAL!" chant we usually save for game days. I have a feeling this is how we are going to sworn in all of the new male members to our families. 

Pretty wrapping from my Secret Santa!

Andrea got me this fabulous Baggu pouch.

Poor Franklin  puppy was exhausted by the end of the festivities.


A few minutes later we found him in a different position with a blanket and pillow. Someone can't hang...hehe jk.

I spent the next day having breakfast and drinking mimosas with my family before jumping on a train to Long Island to meet up with the boy's family who also know how to have a great time!

It was so much fun switching it up this year and doing something a bit different complete with a song circle and an intense game of white elephant where I won a mixology set.

Bring in the cocktails for New Years 2016!!!!


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Oh, Christmas Tree

As I've mentioned before, I fully embraced the colored Christmas lights after being a white-light only gal and have started my collection of ornaments that fit the quirky and colorful style.

I picked up this Pantone pink glass ornament on sale at Sprout Home.

Although this isn't the pink pantone that won color of the year, I was right on with the pink!

I hope I can pick up a few more colors throughout the years and am thinking if I start collecting the Pantone color of the year in an ornament, that may be a fun way to start honoring Christmas annually.

A got a bunch of these white sparkling snowflakes at Lowes.


I got a set of small multi-colored ornaments to fill in the spaces.

These blue snowflakes my mom got at The Christmas Tree Store.

(which is actually open all year round and has the best prices for Holiday decorations)

This pink pineapple is given to me by Allie for my birthday.

Pineapple is a délicatesse in our household.

Last Christmas I attached this dove ornaments made out of computer parts on the top of Sean's gifts.


Cute blue owl, also from Lowes.

I cannot wait to continue collecting ornaments through the years. Going colorful is going to make picking out ornaments that much more fun!

Oh, Christmas Tree! 


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Cookies

It has become a little tradition of ours to bake and decorate Christmas cookies before we all depart for the Holidays.

This is also the second year in a row where I am not in possession of a rolling pin.

Last year we used a wine bottle. This year, water canister it is.

I picked up these adorable cookies cutters from Sur La Table in SoHo.

It cuts the shape of the cookies, and if you press down it leaves imprints of cute details like outlines and faces.

Bake at 350° for 11 minutes.

Let out to cool off and commence decorating!

Just look at that concentration.

Started off with a classic Christmas Tree with colored lights.

I am now fully onboard with colored lights.

Cookies galore!

This was my blue-green theme. I have a feeling I'll be getting better at this as the years go on. Or at least I hope so. 

How cute is that little snowman?! He looks as though he is snuggled under his scarf :)

The weather is finally getting cold here in New York City.  I have the rest of the week off work, so I think I'll hit up the new location of the Whitney Museum of Art today and try to squeeze in a mani and a few new local spots that have opened for brunch & dinner. We'll be heading to Philly at the end of the week for a New Years wedding.

Stay warm folks!


Monday, December 28, 2015

Life Lately

Around the Holidays...

Gingerbread Lane in Madison Square Park

Night out! Wearing:
Top (Loft)
Jeans (Madewell)
Bag (Mansur Gavriel)

Can always count on Beauty Bar for some of the best dance music 

Cousin's bachelorette at LIPS.

Late lunch at Pokito in Williamsburg.

Death before Decaf!!!

Sweet Christmas decorations on my block.

Mine and boy's Christmas dinner at Brasserie Witlof.

Followed by presents!

You know it's good when it comes from Forward.

Janessa Leone hat!!!!

And a neon sign for my bedroom :)


Every year my girlfriends I grew up with have a Secret Santa. This is our 7th year celebrating.

We have a mutual friend pick out names from a hat and text each of us who we get.

My friend Gabby's cute polka-dot wrapping.

Santa came!!!!

Reindeer song and games

My mom's Christmas tree in our conservatory. 

The lights reflecting off the glass makes it that much better!

Falling for NYC

Beautiful street art in TriBeca.


I recently watched all the movies and although I'm not a SW expert, this movie was excellent!!

Christmas Tree Stand on Bedford. It smelt so good walking through this tunnel of pine <3

Decorating cookies has become a little tradition with my NY friends.

It's just like when we were kids, except with cocktails. Post to come.

Christmas on Mulberry Street on one of those 60 degree days.

Hope everyone had a joyful holiday! I will be sharing a few Holiday posts this week so, stay tuned :)