Around the Apartment...

Although, the place is not nearly where I want it to be - I did start putting it together and below are a few pics of my favorite things currently around the apartment...

This lush faux fur throw and matching pillows I got on World Market for an insane discount on Black Friday.

This terrarium my mom made me for my birthday and a tray and some Christmas decorations I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

That candle smells like pine and it's just sooooo delicious when it fills the room.

A latte made from my Nespresso maker (which I'm also obsessed with).

One of my favorite sayings plastered in gold on my new mug in front of my Christmas Tree <3

But first coffee.

This adorable pink pineapple ornament Allie got me for my birthday.

The boy and I kept going back and forth between white (me) or colored lights (him), and I gotta say although at first I resisted, I'm really loving the colored lights paired with cute quirky ornaments.

My palm that I really really hope I don't kill. 

A few more decorative items I picked up. - Stocking and a garland.

...I think that lit "Love"sign will probably stick around until after the holiday.

Can't wait to keep developing the space and show you guys more!



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