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I wanted to share a few last pics of my time in Miami because they're too fun of memories not to share!

White sand, blue skies and turquoise water makes for never-ending fun!

After a cloudy day as soon as I saw sun shining in through the hotel room curtains I got up and darted to the beach.

This guy met me a few hours later, as I got to beach at 10am after a night out.

This Victoria Secret bathing suit has been coast to coast.

Couldn't have enough of my b-day girl outfit, so I threw it on for dinner again :)

On our last day we made our way to Wynwood for dinner. 

Some more fun street art I wanted to share:

What big eyes you have!


Although, we didn't get a chance to eat here this time, Coyo Taco is a super popular lunch and dinner spot with delicious tacos and a secret Mezcal bar in the back.

La obra de arte soy yo.

Zen, ahhhh.

We had a cocktail before dinner at the Wynwood Dinner again.

Love this cute little chick with beach wave hair.

We ended up at Wynwood Grill for some more drinks and tapas.

The walls behind the outdoor seating had all different types of stenciled art featuring famous pop-culture characters like Pinocchio above. 

Faile supports single moms!

No chance my heart shall fear.

Wynwood Grill is the only restaurant actually connected to the Wynwood Walls art display, which makes for a great view for dinner.

No, the cocktail and him did not coordinate outfits.

Cheers to the last day in Miami!

For tapas we got:

Plantains with crema and queso blanco...

... and Cuban Empanadas to close out the night.

We had such a wonderful time in Miami.  This was probably my 10th time or so visiting and I can honestly say alongside Los Angeles, Nashville, New york, Miami is definitely one of the American cities that everyone should visit. 

The latin culture, food and people are delicious and colorful. The beaches are beautiful and the weather is just too good to be true. Plus from NYC, it's the quickest getaway (2 hour plane ride) to be somewhere that seems completely foreign and different.

If you haven't made your way to Miami yet - do it!



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