Museum of Feelings

After being turned away from the line one Tuesday after work, I was determined to make it early to The Museum of Feelings.

The pop-up museum, in Brookfield Place, Battery Park, opens around 11am every day.

I dragged myself out of bed at 8:30 to get to the museum before 10am.


When we arrived at around 10:15 there was already a three row line from the museum entrance. 

While I waited, my partner-in-line (get it?) went to grab as coffee and breakfast.

How are you feeling today?

We like long walks on the beach and waiting in line for museums.

At least it was 60 degrees and sunny, which is rareee for New York City in December.

Last time we waiting in like for an exhibit for this long was for Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Room at David Zwiner Gallery. It was Januaray and snowing; below freezing, but we stood there for about 7 hours and watched Susan Saradon cut us 5 min after arriving. Somehow it was all worth it though because we saw the most amazing snowflakes. 

We're crazzzyy! We really are. 
i'm crazy when i want something, he puts up with it.

The Museum of Feelings also displays an exterior light that reflects the mood of the city that day curated by social media using real time data.

As mentioned below:

Upon walking in, you are greeted in the rainbow room.

The rainbow room reflects all the different feelings that live within us.

Optimism, Joy, exhilaration, worry, calm....

The curators were dressed in this funky futuristic gear.

She explained to us that each room had a different emotion, and each emotion was paired with a scent and an interactive display.

As the group, they were letting in about fifteen at a time, stood against a wall of rainbow lights the silhouettes replicated on the wall.

I immediately felt like I was transported into Inside Out.

At the same time, it reminded me of being in a real life Warhol.

The first room we walked into was Optimism.

The pink crystals refracted light all over the room, representative of a glimmer of hope.

Having hope is the key to optimism.

The room was covered in pinks that turned into purples. 

The smoke released in the room created an all encompassing experience.

In the second room, we were given 3D glasses and  welcomed into a mirrored room surrounded by jelly LED lights. 

You could walk around the strings of lights for what seemed like forever. 

The feeling was joy.

Green geometric lights helped illuminate the rooms.

I think looking up was my favorite part.


Seriously, so cool! I was dizzy while walking around, bumping into strangers who didn't mind because for the few minutes they were in your same world. 

I guess that is a bit of joy.

The third room of the museum, was exhilarating

Here, an interactive floor projected 3D images as you stepped on it.

Once someone received a halo, you were allowed to pull from theirs and steal one for yourself. 

I got a rainbow one.

So fun! It was like a game.

I could have stayed in this room for awhile.

The next room was an invigorating kaleidoscope. 

Screens displayed patterns from the touch scree in the center mirrored console 

Just like being inside the toy the shapes and patterns kept changing, it was fascinating!

Symmetry is so fun to play with.

Even looking at these photos is hard to tell where the room begins and ends.

That's meeee.

The last room smelled of vanilla and lavender - Calm.

The floor was made from a squishy memory foam, like walking on a cloud.

 Smoke filled this room, like the beginning of the exhibit, and they welcomed guests to sit down for a moment.

Feeling relaxed.

Especially since we only waited on line for two hours, while most people had to wait all day. 


The Museum of Feelings was definitely worth the wait. I mean seriously so many emotions. 

First I was nervous we wouldn't make it on time, than I was frustrated we had to wait a bit, then I was happy in retrospect we didn't really wait that long, and elated I got to see it.

The pop-up closes December 15th, and if you are able to make it beforehand, I highly recommend it.



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