Friday, January 29, 2016


Here are some Polaroids taken over the last few months that I never shared.

You will see a common theme amongst these photos....champagne.

Me, Allie and Gabs at my sister's birthday brunch.

My sister and I at said brunch.

Allie on the way to one our lady dates almost a year ago.

And my version. 

As you can see, I am still figuring out the exposure of the camera.

Allie and I at her apartment.

These are actually photobooth pics, but just as delightful.

Left - Allie and I at my 26th birthday spontaneous karaoke after an bottomless brunch, Nov 2015
Middle - Gabs, Allie and I at her 23rd birthday party, March 2013
Right - Sean and I at Crown Vic, Feb 2013

Allie, Me and Britt at my 26th birthday brunch.

This post is reminding me to use my Fiji Max more often.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lady Links

If you haven't seen this re-enactment of Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump, you must.


This season of Man Repeller's Office Apropros is out, and I am real happy about it :)

Hate to say I was one these victims of cancelled Broadway shows on Saturday,  I received a ticket to Hamilton earlier in the week but I was SOL come JONAS.  More cool snowstorm pics here.

Why Side-Gigs are not just a fad.  Should probably get me one of those to support my shopping habit...


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Best and Worst Designer Bags to Buy

Hands down, I am a handbag girl through and through.

Blame it on the fact I have trouble finding shoes, or that I am obsessed with accessories but the truth is ever since I was a kid you could see a little handbag on my person since '89.

Although, I obviously do not have the budget of street-style bloggers and celebrities, I have found some great finds on "used" or consignment websites such as Fashionphile.

One amazing thing I have discovered while browsing the pages and pages of used bags is figuring out which bags really stand the test of time. One thing is to invest in a bag because it's shiny and new and another is to know how it will deal with the test of time.

 Below are the best and worst handbags to buy, period.



Whether it's the supple goat skin leather of the Pandora or the structure of the Antigona, Givenchy bags remain pretty close to their original structure.

 Not to mention, the shape of the Pandora is unlike any other with it's top zipper and box shape. On the other hand, the Antigona is a classic bowling bag shape which makes it timeless and a good look for any age. 

Overall: GREAT investment.


Much like the Givenchy Pandora, the Balenciaga Classic City Bag is super durable by being made out of flexible supple/soft leather.

This is one of the types of handbags that I have purchased and although previously owned, the Classic City Bag almost looks better a bit rugged and worn to match it's moto style.

Even better, while most bags are reduced by a few hundred dollars, Balenciaga bags are usually reduced to almost half the price of a new one. You can get $1,800 bag for less than $1,000.


Prada handbags follow a similar story to the Givenchy Antigona bag.

Prada handbags are usually structured and made with saffiano cross grain leather, making it durable no matter how many times you take it on your commute (a measure of which I use when purchasing a bag, can it withstand my commute?).

Depending on the condition, Prada bags can range from a few hundred dollars to a bit over $1,000 on consignment sites. 


Every handbag girls' dream is to own a classic Chanel.

As Chanel prices rise at an average of 15% a year, you can think of a Chanel as a real investment piece. 

Although, you can't find a previously owned Chanel that's in good condition for any less than $2,500 it's worth it when you compare to the over $6,000 price tag for a new one.

The modern Boy Bag is also an amazing Chanel alternative.


It obviously always matters how you care and store your handbag, but when browsing the Valentino section, it is clear that this brand really depends on how you treat your handbag.

The Rock Star flap bags seem like a great investment, made from coated calfskin the leather is soft but durable. 

A brand new Valentino is usually on the more expensive side ($1,800 +) but on the rare I have seen some for under $1,000 which is always really hard not to blow my savings on.

This is an example of what happens when you don't take care of your Valentino:



I hate to say it because I want to believe so baldy, but Chloe calfskin bags are not the best investment.

The structure of these bags tend to bend and scratch easy which when I am spending upwards to $3,000 for a bag I do not want to see (heart-breaking).


Although not as obvious as Chloe bags, depending on the type Gucci bags can misshape.

The Soho Disco Bag is at the top of my list of bags I would love to purchase (probably because the price tag is under $1,000) unfortunately I have seen these bags morph a little too often. I do however, usually stuff my bags and keep them in their duster when not in use so it's hasn't been crossed off the list just yet.

These aren't that bad:


This may surprise people because ladies love Céline however, the french designed bag is most definitely the WORST handbag you can invest in. 

When browsing Fashionphile, bag after bag is deformed, scratched and stained. At almost the highest price tag of no less than $2,900, under Chanel and Hermès, buying these once gorgeous bags in this shape is outrageous and the price unacceptable.

I have even seen bloggers publicly confess that they will never purchase another Céline Luggage or Trapeze Coquelicot bag again because of how it does not stand the test of time.

The one exclusion from this observation is the Céline Trio bag. These have shown time and time again that they can withstand the test of time pretty elegantly. 

Overall: Not the best investment

I am certainly not an expert on the matter, unless you count religiously browsing handbags online in between my day, but it is safe to say I've done my research.

I have never paid full price for any of my designer bags (excluding my Mansur Gavriel which actually sells for more money on some consignment shops than the original price) and I don't know if I intend to when I can buy the same product for almost half the price.

My one bit of unsolicited advise is before you invest - do your research. Ultimately if you have the budget just have fun choosing between all the gorgeous bags and colors out there!