Over the Weekend ::: Tyler's in Town

Over the weekend our good friend Tyler came into town.

Allie and Tyler met while they studied abroad in Paris during college. She introduced him to the rest of our crew and it's been an inevitable fun time ever since!

Wild bearded man.

Who got a very Brooklyn beard trim the next morning when he woke up.

Face lotion and espresso included.


We didn't have a real agenda except to spend time together and have fun.
We obviously didn't disappoint.

Saturday morning started off right with pretty coffee drinks and pain au chocolat.

We continued the decadence into the afternoon with a boozy brunch topped off with so many delicious pastries. 

Oh yeah, and after a few bottles of champagne Tyler wanted to go vintage shopping.

This store was amazing and organized by colors.

Great stuff for men.

This looks like a JCrew catalog...

...or maybe it's a graveyard from the bros turned hipsters.

This was eye candy to my, at times, OCD tendencies. 

We capped the night off by dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

One bar we went to (Black Bear Bar) even had a skatepark in the front.

And this is how we felt on Monday.


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