Here are some Polaroids taken over the last few months that I never shared.

You will see a common theme amongst these photos....champagne.

Me, Allie and Gabs at my sister's birthday brunch.

My sister and I at said brunch.

Allie on the way to one our lady dates almost a year ago.

And my version. 

As you can see, I am still figuring out the exposure of the camera.

Allie and I at her apartment.

These are actually photobooth pics, but just as delightful.

Left - Allie and I at my 26th birthday spontaneous karaoke after an bottomless brunch, Nov 2015
Middle - Gabs, Allie and I at her 23rd birthday party, March 2013
Right - Sean and I at Crown Vic, Feb 2013

Allie, Me and Britt at my 26th birthday brunch.

This post is reminding me to use my Fiji Max more often.


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