Vietnam Part III ::: The Mekong

On our first day in Vietnam we took a bus two hours out of Ho Chi Minh to the Mekong Delta.  It was a favorite of mine the first time I went and it sure did not disappoint this time around.

Oh the fun things you see on the side of the road.

Be sure to note the man on the bamboo ladder leaning up against the wires.

After we secured a few hats we were ready to embark on our first boat out to the depths of the Mekong.

Upon arrival on the island we were greeted by the bee keeper herself.

Notice her expertly layered patterns.  I'd take a set of those, pajama wear is so in right now, I wonder if she knows how hip she is... probably.

My little sister Annie was a little shocked by the proximity of so many bees.

Fresh honey tea!

We then took turns holing a HUGE snake.  My brother Josh and I went first, he insisted I hold the head.

Annie and Mom.

Ellie and Erika.

Ellie couldn't get enough of that slipper guy.

We then hopped in a buggy on the back of a few horses for a tour of the grounds.

Swamp life, hammocks under what looks like plastic roofing.

A little traffic jam.

They gave us lots of unusual fruits to try.

We didn't even know where to begin with these dragon fruits.

Ta-da!  There is something in there.

Beautifully embroidered bags for sale.

A local snack of coconut rice wrapped in banana leaves.

They then add beans or pork or whatever you'd like.  This was a bean filled wrap, I wasn't crazy about any of them to be honest.

A meeting of the cocks ;)

Finally we got to ride on one of the smaller boats as they rowed from the front and the back through the dense jungle.

The scenery was so vivid and green, a highlight for sure.

Walking through the markets to get back to our larger boat.

For lunch they took us to another island.

We had beer with every meal... my kind of vacation.

This fried fish was presented whole...

But then the server comes over with rice paper, noodles and vegetables.  She then wets the paper to make it malleable, puts inside veggies and noodles and then tops it with a handful of fish, which she picks off with her hands.

The result is delicious, especially when dipped in peanut sauce.

Coconuts for the final boat ride home.

Needless to say, we all had fun.  



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