Vietnam Part IV ::: Pottery Island

On our first full day in Hoi An we got to take a boat out to all of the respective islands.  It's crazy because each full island specializes in a different commerce.  Kind of like old New York City,  when each area was a district, like the lighting district or the fabric district.  Our first stop was pottery island, this is not to be confused with clay island, the clay doesn't come from here they only receive it and make it into pottery.  Which is an ancient and remarkable art form.  

This woman was the best potter in town.  She taught her daughter, her daughter's daughter, and so on.

Below she manually kicks the wheel for her mother to craft.

Can you imagine that calk muscle?

The pottery goes to a different craftsman on the island to be decorated.  Here are some final products.

She made it look easy, but when they let us each take a turn that was clearly not the case.

This adorable old women thought it was very amusing how bad we all were.

She smiled and laughed the whole way through.

My brother Josh made a big dent in his vase so she had a good laugh and turned it into a pitcher.

Typically she ended up taking over to finish the product.  I know exactly how she feels ;)

Drying pottery filled the sidewalks.

Piggy banks.

And little pigs!

I think this would be such a therapeutic lifestyle,  in my next life...



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