Birthday Surprises

For my cousin Briana's 25th Birthday, her siblings (also my cousins) threw her a surprise brunch at Randolph in South Williamsburg.

We always end up doing something pretty fun for her birthday and my theory is that after the holidays are over and January rolls around, we're all ready to have something new to celebrate in February. 

Allie with some birthday flowers.

Unfortunately, they messed up our reservation and we were not able to sit at our scheduled 1:30pm time slot....

... Luckily they started serving us their bottomless brunch so we all got nice and buzzed before eating.

Randolph is a very punk, pop-art inspired place, and although it's super fun it definitely takes a minute to get use to the rock n' roll atmosphere.

This larger than life french fry got the perfect halo in the skylight.

Probably my favorite feature of this place, that neon heart comes in second place.

The walls are covered with bright colored graffiti juxtaposed with ornate chandeliers creating a really cool vibe.

They also had this display of old TVs; some playing cat videos others just had static.

My uncle and dad had some fun pointing out the TVs they used to own and how they worked, having to change the channels with pliers.

My cousin Andrea with her beautiful woven bag from Mexico.

Allie being snapchatted - and me sneaking in a pic.

Randolph has a $35 bottomless brunch where they bring pitchers of four different kinds of cocktails + an entree.

Bloody Mary
Strawberry Cucumber Cooler

We literally didn't stop pouring drinks and were definitely feeling it before our food came out.

Sunday Bunday on a Saturday.

Where's the foooood?

There it is!

Naturally, I got the burger.

The birthday girl and her crown.

The most entertaining part for me was watching my grandfather and my cousin's grandmother chatting in this hip Brooklyn brunch spot.

B the Brave and S the Snail!
Our nicknames from when we were kids

Some happy brunch participants.

Pics on snaps on grams.

This chick in the bathroom, I <3 NY more than you.

And to top off the 5 hour brunch - Birthday Cake!

Happy Birthday B!

With the grandparents.

With the parents.

With the godparents.

With the bro.

 I'm so grateful to live near family in the city so we can get together and celebrate each other's big day. 



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