Finding a Balance

I am certainly a heavy consumer.  I love clothes.  I love shoes and bags and sunglasses even.  But I never want to be excessive.  Or greedy or live beyond my means.  I don't believe there's anything wrong with loving nice things, it can even be a motivator;  I want to live this kind of lifestyle therefore I have to work this hard to earn it.  At least for those of us from middle America.  The middle class.  We have to create our future, it's not handed to us in any form of trust fund.

I just read a blog post that was a classic "Splurge or Save" where  I noticed an emblem on the bag on the "Save" side and realized it was Tory Burch.  That's saving?  I couldnt believe it, a 300 dollar bag?  I clicked on: 200 dollar Kate Spade sunglasses, a 200 skirt from J. Crew, 90 dollars for a simple long sleeve.  Frankly, I was offended.  The outfit as a whole came out to nearly a thousand dollars.  This woman doesn't know a thing about what it means to "Save."  That kind of disconnect blows my mind.  And it makes me second guess myself.  Why am I even interested in this industry?  Why do I follow these sometimes self indulgent, money moguls?  Does that make me equally unaware?

The answer is simple.  No.  I just love beauty.  I love beautiful design and photography.  Looking at beautiful things makes me happy.  Catalogues can be like looking at art and high end stores can feel like walking through a museum.  It doesn't have to be obtainable, it can simply inspire.  I hope I always keep perspective despite my love for nice things.  But the only person who can hold me accountable is myself.  Who knows, maybe I'll read this someday, years into my million dollar paychecks and remember.  One can dream, right?



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