Ladies We Adore ::: Blanca Miró

I tend to find myself drawn to Europeans more than any other type of style blogger. Not only do they ooze confidence without seemingly trying very hard, but they're more comfortable in their own skin (blame the US media and photoshop) and are not afraid to have some fun with fashion. 

I found Blanca Miró on the explore page on Instagram and scrolling through her page I couldn't help but adore her sense of style! Whether it's smiley faces, stars or lips she doesn't shy away from a funky pattern or metallic to make her look stand out.

 Blanca tends to wear very comfortable looking pieces (jeans and a tee or bomber) and spices her wardrobe up with accessories. Bags and sunglasses are her specialty and her collection includes bright colors, texture and the one of a kind designer releases (instead of the bag and sunnies every blogger girl has). 

I'm still working on it, but I aspire to have a closet as fun and original as Spanish model Blanca Miró.



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