Life Lately

My cousin's flight was delayed from Michigan so my friend and I were lucky enough to score last minute tickets to the new Broadway Musical Fun Home.

On MLK the bf had off and he did my laundry and even started folding it for me <3

We got snowed into our apartment the weekend of Jonas. This is the first time I stepped outside on Sunday.

 Boredom lead me to collaging, which I use to love to do before Tumblr. 

When we stepped out to Duane Read on Sunday we decided to get a drink at Maison Premiere because, 1) It's always super crowded and was empty and 2) Our efforts were too much to just simpyl return home.

The calm after the storm.

The storm also inspired us to book tickets to Barbados for the end of February.

Bedroom moments. 

This neon was super appropriate for a lady date on Saturday.

Celebrating the birthday boy at 1 or 8, an amazing sushi place in S. Williamsburg.



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