Superbowl Food 2016

We're trying to be healthy this year in our household but we didn't want to miss out on the fun of the Superbowl.  So, we tried to find a compromise.  Here's our version of healthy (ish) football food.

Instead of chips and dips we started off with some fresh fruits.

Although by no means healthy, we could not skip out on a few beers for the Superbowl 

Baked sweet potato fries to start.

Topped with rosemary and a little olive oil

Every recipe is very specific about NOT HAVING THEM TOUCH, I thought that was kind of funny.

Turkey sliders in progress, we combined salt, pepper and lots of fresh garlic in these little guys, they were unbelievable. 

Apples and arugula for a simple salad.

I think this is the best mustard to add to some olive oil and balsamic to make a simple dressing.


A solid sear.

So good!

Truly, we didn't miss any of the gluttony. 



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