Vietnam IV ::: Hoi An

On the second half of our trip we travelled to Hoi An.  It's in the middle of the country and where a lot of the Vietnam war was fought.  "Good Morning Vietnam" took place here and the city definitely uses that to it's advantage, selling t-shirts and memorabilia all over.  
(notice the bridge across the way is in the shape of a dragon.)

Here they mimic the London Eye and the Sydney Opera House.

Sisters on their way.

I love cheesy little details like towel animals.

The view from our hotel.

My ladies exploring the ancient city.

We went and had clothing made at the famous Yaly, it was such a fun experience.  I got all spring clothes so I have to wait a bit to wear them but spring is coming!

Lanterns line every street, it's like a storybook.

My littlest sister called these "Enchanted" from the movie,  apparently they put these things in the water.

We went shopping through the aisles of the market looking for goodies at night.

I got these little monster backpacks for my little sisters.  I could not get over the cuteness!  I also had a lot of fun bargaining with the shop owners.  Too bad we don't have that custom.

Beer and ice cream, what more does a gal need?

Oh yeah, a nutella banana crepe on the side.

-- Allie


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