Barbados ::: Sea-U Guest House

Air B&B has become our go-to place when finding a place to stay while on vacation.

We found the Sea-U Guest House on the site and the hero image of a hammock on a porch overlooking the ocean sold me.

5:30am sunrise from the porch.

Since Barbados meets both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, we decided to split our time between the east and west coaster. The guesthouse was on the east side.

Sea-U Guesthouse is a bed & breakfast that has 10 different units and a dining pavilion.

The pavilion also housed the "Honesty Bar" where you can grab drinks and snacks, which you'll be charged for at departure by writing down your room number and what you took. 

In the morning, housemates meet at the kitchen pavilion for a breakfast buffet served from 8-10am.

The buffet had fresh fruit, toast, cereal and coffee.

The waitress then came around taking orders for pancakes and eggs.

C-Cat the grounds keeper, cut up a fresh coconut for me to drink the water from every morning.

An interesting animal is local to Barbados - Green Monkeys.

We had a family of three that must have lived in the tree nearby because every morning when the food came out they appeared from the top branches to the dining pavilion.

This little guy was scamming for a piece of bread for awhile.

He made his move darting at the speed of light and grabbing a piece, landing on this branch and munching away.

Although the staff kept shooing them away, we were fascinated by these little creatures. 

Yummm - Great way to start the day.

Breakfast usually followed by lounging in the hammock.

The view of the ocean from the grounds.


Needless to say, I found out they sold these hammocks and bought myself one.
I have no idea where I'm going to put it but it was my favorite treasure from the trip.

Lounge chairs scattered the grounds for guests to use.

We left the guesthouse around 11am every day to explore the island.

We returned before dark every night, mostly because we were scared to drive in the dark, but also to see sunset from the porch.

The path up to the guesthouse.

The pavilion at dusk.

A prefixed dinner was served every night at 7pm. 

The menu was displayed in the morning and if you decided it was to your liking you can sign up before 11am. At dinner, they seated everyone around one big table, unless requested otherwise, and it made for great conversation, travel tips and connecting to our fellow housemates.

We couldn't get enough of these hammocks!

Sunset swinging.

Our studio was on the first floor and had full closets, an open bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom.

The details were incredible.

Hearing the ocean through the windows and doors was so relaxing.

Although the beaches on the east coast were not as calm and warm, we were able to explore parts of the island that are more authentic and less commercial than the west coast.

Our entire experience at the Sea- U Guesthouse was incredible, I'd return to Barbados just to stay here again. 



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