Homemade Easter Brunch

I have to admit, the only thing I can take credit for is watching the food be made and consuming the food, but it was too beautiful and too delicious not to share a few pics from our homemade easter brunch back home in Chicago.

My brother and his wife are responsible for all the goodness.  Although I did assemble quite a few of these caprese skewers.  Just tomato, basil and mozzarella topped off with a balsamic glaze.  (We added an olive to about half of them because many people in my family are not olive people.)

This potato bake was the easiest thing!  And it may have been the most delicious.  Just tater tots in a bed of milk that bakes on its own before you top it off with bacon and cheese and bake it again then top it off with chives and voila!  Crispy cheese delicious potatoes.

My brother makes all his own dough, it's the craziest thing to me.  This was similar to a phyllo dough sheet pan sandwich filled with grainy mustard, turkey and swiss.

Sugar doughnuts baked in little muffin pans.

A simple arugula salad with shaved parmesan and chick peas. 

The quiches were all made in sheet pans to accommodate our 50 plus guest list.  This leak and mushroom one was a hit.

Everything was cut into manageable, hand held pieces. 

And the crowd favorite was by far this Italian sandwich.  Josh also made all the focaccia in sheet pans then they spread them with pesto and several deli meats and cheeses.  They were ridiculously good.

At least I can make things look pretty on trays!  Can't wait to get back home again soon.



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