Ladies We Adore ::: Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific

When it comes to Blair Eadie's style, I could not stop pulling image from her blog Atlantic-Pacific.

The queen of buttoning up and color play - Eadie's style is preppy and girly yet modern, edgy and always unexpected in the best way. She can look young & fun, chic & ladylike and at the same time utilitarian & practical. 

It's no wonder she's a merchandising director at Tory Burch.

I go back and forth all the time between who's closet I want, but I would die a happy girl if I could inherit even a portion of Blair's fancy and diverse wardrobe.

From her ability to to layer like it's her job to pulling off wearing a cute a-line dress in the middle of an ordinary day - we adore her sense of life and style.



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