Life Lately

Two weekends back a few girls I use to work with and I got brunch at Jack's Wife Freda.

Although, it's almost impossible to get a table because they don't take reservations, my friend was staying in an Air B&B in the neighborhood and put our names down and then got a manicure near by. We only ended up waiting for like 15 min, it was clutch!

The food really lived up to it's popular expectation. We each took bites of each other food because they were too delicious not to share.

To make a reservation for parties of 6 or more click here:

Gal pals!

A delicious refreshment at Saxon + Parole

Part of the boy's birthday gift- plans to go to a taping of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

So awesome that you can jump on a train and see your favorite show in person.

A mid-week snack at work.

These gorgeous roses right around Valentine's Day.

My red + pink outfit for V-day.

Valentine's Day brunch at Cow & Clover.

 And Valentine's Day Dinner at Sweetwater.

Snowing in SoHo.

 A girl's night Pizza Party at Acqua Santa.

I could've used some hope the next day after karaoke and reunions with old friends until 4am.

These beautiful rainbow wash clothes John Derian's Dry Goods.

The absolute most amazing bathroom experience at House of Yes in Bushwick.

The hallway is a disco ball....

....and the bathrooms are bedazzled!

 This one looks like a Balmain dress. The most fun I've had while using a public restroom.

Just got back from Barbados, excited to share pictures soon!



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