Travel ::: Animal Flower Cave

Sean and I got a great deal on JetBlue flights to from JFK to Barbados for the first week of March so we jumped on the opportunity to escape the cold (but admittedly not so bad) NY winter.

We split our trip in half and started the first leg on the Atlantic/East side of the island.

We decided to embark on our first adventure to The Animal Flower Cave, after rave reviews from a couple staying at our guest house.

The Animal Flower Cave is located on the North end of the island and gets his name from the sea anemones living in the pools of its cave. 

We were met with a local tour guide who took us down the manmade steps into the natural cave. 

The inside of the cave is truly from a different world and the rocks that make up the walls of the cave are each unique in color and shape.

A peak into one of the pools. 

The cave reaches an exterior cut-out wall that meets the ocean.

Better than a picture frame.

Before booking this trip I had no idea Barbados' east side was so different from the west coast. A 
A beautiful start to exploring the island of Barbados.

Our guide was kind enough to take our picture of both of us. 

Every once in a awhile a wave would come crashing in, filling the pools of the cave.

We walked further to the deepest pool which is safe to swim in.

The deepest portion of the pool reached seven feet.

The water was cool from the shade but refreshing.

The mountain cliff hosts another beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean this time from above the cave.

On top of the world!!!
(well the island)

Really wish I could have taken home one of these bark chairs.

Naturally, the goats were attracted to the cliff of the mountain. actually surprising but exciting site of nature.

Around the corner from the overlook, a restaurant bordered the other side of the cliff.

Brave goats standing on the edge.

Not a bad view for lunch.

Fried conch.

Roti and shrimp salad.

Loved these colorful gift shops across from the restaurant.

I couldn't get enough of these colorful huts.

After lunch we drove back to Bathsheba and took a walk down to the coast.

Orange ya glad?

The mountainy terrain of the east side makes for amazing views & overlook photos of the ombré water.

The water on the east side, being the Atlantic Ocean, is much rougher than that of the Caribbean Sea side in the west. 

Because of the waves, Barbados is home to The Soup bowl a popular surf spot host to a bunch of international competition. 

The sun started descending so we decided it was a good time to have some rum punch.

A piña-colada and a green monkey to stay please. 

This drink was named after the monkeys native to the island.

Worth it.

We got back to the guest house around six and relaxed on the hammocks until dinner.

A successful first day.



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