Vietnam VII :::Wood Island

Wood Island is another island where the whole community focuses on one good and crafts it into various necessities. It's predominantly used for making boats but our favorite thing about the island was definitely the snacks.

On our way.

Cattle Island?  Who knows, but it doesn't appear to be a farm or farmer anywhere in sight.

Boat in the making.

There are no bridges to and from the mainland or between islands so people have to send their bikes on boats (there are even fewer cars).

Dogs in alleyways should be a series.

Ladies enjoying the tour.

Men... not so sure.

More boats in progress.

Or cool ladies in alleyways?  Do you think she knows how hip she is wearing pajama style, mixed prints?  So in right now.

These are the snacks I'm talkin' about.

Egg pancakes with scallions and bean sprouts, seems so simple.

They then roll in some greens....

Press them closed...

And wrap them in rice paper.

Enjoyed with a peanut dipping sauce... mmm,

A boat maker hard at work!

We do have fun.



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