Vietnam X ::: Christmas Day

I've never spent Christmas outside of the midwest, that means snow, family and lots of indulgences.  This year was different on a lot of levels, but indulgences was not one of them.  (Sorry for the delay,  it's spring, I know)

The pool was in the center of our boutique hotel, that part hadn't changed a bit since I was there ten years ago.

The day was spent at the pool, relaxing with family, not something I ever imagined Christmas to be like.

In the evening we were headed off to a delicious private meal.

My mom had Ao Dai's made to each of our liking, the look like dresses but they're actually long tunics with pants underneath.  I'm hoping to style them both this spring!  Jeans with the tunic and a crop top with my silk pants, to keep them more modern.

My brother and lovely sister in-law.

Bestest friends :)

Sisterly love.

All the ladies.  How cute is my mom?  Although she somehow got out of wearing an Ao Dai...

Pineapple fried rice.

Sizzling pork in a clay pot.

I'll be seeing my siblings for Easter this weekend for the first time since then and I can't freakin wait!


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