Vietnam XI ::: Saigon Markets

Our hotel was just a few blocks from some of the major attractions in district one (I know, how Hunger Games of them).  So it was nice to walk right outside our hotel on lazier days and feel like we were still exploring.

This is the most attractive post office I ever did see.

A lot of old Saigon was controlled by the French, you can really see the influence in their architecture.

My ladies headed to the market.

The pictures look cool but the smell... not so cool!

In my element: pattern, color and design oh my!

My brother Will with his goodies.

A government building, excuse me for knowing anything more than that.  But it sure is pretty.

Take a picture of me with this elephant! 

Momma got in on the action.

A little break at 11 AM calls for...

Ice cream :D

Look at the joy on their faces.

Ready for a rainstorm.

Later Ho Chi! 

We hope to see you soon!



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