Travel ::: Barbados West Coast

The beach at our new spot had me anxious to check out the rest of the west coast.

But before heading out, I spent the morning sipping on Prosecco and lounging on our front lawn - the beach. 

I found this gorgeous bottle at the grocery store for an affordable price.


After lunch we geared up to drive north up the coast through to the other side of Bridgetown.

Barbados, similar to many islands, has beautiful beach parks at every mile that you can pull into and take a dive or just relax & lounge at any point of the day.

We spent an hour or so at a few different spots along the way.

A pop of yellow.

A crabby friend (hehe).

Along the drive, I snapped as many pictures as I could of the colorful homes we were passing. I can't help but admire the boldness of the color of the homes in the Caribbean.


Red // Pink


Orange // Green

We drove by this mural of this happy turtle on our way up the west side and on our drive back towards the apartment I made us pull over to check it out.

Across the parking lot we saw a sign for "Beach Club" so we took a peak inside and found a restaurant & bar right on the sand called Copacabana.

So we decided to have a drink and enjoy the rest of the sun filled afternoon instead of heading straight home.

Copacabana was exactly like a type of place I would hang out at in Brooklyn, graffiti walls and all.

This guy, he gets me.

From inside, back to the gorgeous outside.

It was the middle of the week, so the bar was pretty quiet, but you could see the potential for a big party with a DJ booth and everything.


Bathing Suit: Victoria Secret
Jumper: Forever 21
Sunnies: Illesteva

We went on a nice walk along the water and ended up at this rather fancy looking hotel. I found out later, my mom and dad stayed at this hotel over 20 years ago!  (Before my sister and I were even born).

A fun view of the colorful homes from the shore and Sean taking a siesta.

And the best view in town, the water! I could get use to looking at this view often. Someone move me to the beach stat!

Nothing I enjoy more than exploring, sipping and relaxing on the beach all in one day!



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