Travel ::: Bridgetown, Barbados

After an absolutely amazing & relaxing stay at Sea-U Guesthouse, we headed to the west coast for the weekend.

Got palm trees in my eyes.

After packing up and breakfast we hopped in the car for the hour ride to the other side of the island.

We pulled over as soon as we approached the ocean to take a peak at that turquoise blue.

That's our AirB&B apartment behind Sean's shoulder.

The place ended up being a three bedroom which we had no idea until we got there (we were a bit rushed to find the second spot since we procrastinated up until the week before). Even with the extra room, it was still cheaper than any of the hotels on the island.

The apartment was right off the boardwalk, in a cute little village part of town that was away from the chaos of downtown and the cruise crowd. It had a full kitchen, two bathrooms and three bedrooms and I could really see myself returning with a bigger group.

The beach right off the apartment.

Beach babe.

The Accra Beach Hotel was right next door to our place, which had the smoothest and softest sand. Where at our location it was a bit rocky.

Suit: Victoria Secret

All about the scallop edges and strapless tops (with attachable strap for swimming).

We stayed in the sun until we were forced to leave around five to get ready for dinner.

My outfit that night:

Top: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Forever21
Denim Jacket: Gap

This guy and his funny stories.

Dessert for two.
Killed it!

A BTS photo of Sean's face when I'm making him wait  to eat to take photos.

After dinner we took a walk down the boardwalk right off of our apartment.

A few miles long, this boardwalk is perfect for taking walks or going on a morning jog. It is super busy during the day with people coming to and from, or just walking around aimlessly along the walkway.

A casino down the street. I liked this spot from the outside but the fact that there were no windows in such a tiny house didn't welcome me in, nor am I a gambler.

The stars were incredible. With not much light population and a whole sea ahead, you could even see Mars!

Sitting by the water from morning to night. I could get use to this life!

This tree is right outside the apartment and was a popular picture spot during the day.

Barbados 2016!



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